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  • Shopping issue
  • Shopping issue

    How to make an order:

    Choose a phone first. Then the browser will redirect to the products page automatically. Click on the thumbnail or view tab to view the detail of one product. Then click and confirm your phone model again. Because all products have different files to different phone models, so make sure you have selected the right phone model. Some products like MyPhone require you to enter your phone's IMEI number. Please enter your phone's IMEI number correctly in the box. Or you cannot activate your products. Then click add to cart again. You will see all the goodies you have added to the cart. You can always see your shopping cart at the right upper.

    Pay with PayPal

    Click 'go to PayPal page', the browser will open a new window of PayPal login page. (This will link to PayPal site. WE DO NOT RECORD YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT AND PASSWORD.) When you finish payment, go back to MMMOOO shop page and you can find the product you buy in 'My Product' in my account.

    Pay with reward points

    Click 'Pay now', the system will deduct applicable points form your reward points. And the browser will lead you to the download page.


    What's reward points


    When you shopping at our online shop with PayPal, you will get some reward points according to the product price.

    Every points equals to one USD. So next time you shopping at our online shop, you can pay with your reward points. For example: MyPhone v2.10 & MyPhone Theme costs 14.99 USD. You can buy it with 15 reward points.

    How can I download products again

    Login your MMMOOO ID, goto the product page you want to download again. You will see the download icon at the upper right corner. Click to download.

    Or you can login your MMMOOO ID, goto my account page. You can find your already bought products in my product tab. Click "Download" to get the file again.


    How to Pay

    You can pay us via PayPal or Bank Wire, and we strongly suggest you(end-users) to pay us by Paypal. Bank Wire is recommended for company's deal.

    There are three ways to pay using PayPal
    1. You can use our online shopping cart to pay us instantly, and get the product file instantly.
    2. If you are a Paypal user, you can write a payment to us by email, then we will accept it and send you the file.
    3. Also, we can write an accept money form to you via Paypal, when you pay it, we will send you the file by email.

    Have no idea? What is PayPal?

    PayPal is an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. PayPal serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as cheques and money orders.

    If you have any question on how to handle PayPal, link to PayPal Help Center

    Okay. Almost there, but the last 1,2,3 step happens to be the most important.

    How to return from PayPal site to file download site on MMMOOO once the payment is completed?

    1. The Paypal page will automatically redirect to our MMMOOO Shop as below:

    2. If you meet below issue, the page can not reload entirely due to connection speed reason, NO WORRY, your entirely shopping is already done! You can refresh the page manually.

    3. Then go to 'My Products' TAB, to download the product you bought.

    Shopping at MMMOOO Shop is steady, automatical and instant, if you have any problem kindly let us known.