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  • Quad Time

    Quad Time is the widget enables you to set as many as 4 time with customized name & quickly accessing and with evening/daylight distinguish.

    To read the original world clock, it may take you at least 3 steps, with Quad Time you can access world time with 0 step, directly on mini homescreen on N97 series, and 1 step via clicking the app icon on other models.

    Target on your sweety & business, you can check the previews!

    1. 0 step or 1 step to read 2nd timezone
    2. Customized City name or person name 

    |Quad Time at MMMOOO Shop | is where you can buy and download this app at a bargain price with bounced points to buy other MMMOOO products.

    How to use:

    Download the file and install on your phone.

    To enable the home screen widget, Click Option>Edit content on home screen. Click the square on the screen and choose add content, find Quad Time and click Done. Choose Allow for this session. The widget is now on your home screen.

    You can choose what to display on the main screen in Option in the application.


    Still have problems about this app? Leave your issue at our know bar at once and with no doubt. We are gonna reply to you with our professional and best solutions to it.