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  • MyPhone

    MyPhone powered by S60 os, it turns S60 os phone into MyPhone UI. You can have a smart phone enhanced with TWO user interfaces. The best launcher ever!

    |Buy MyPhone at MMMOOO Shop| is where you can buy and download this app at a bargain price with bonuced points to buy other MMMOOO products. At the same time, enjoy MMMOOO Premium Service
    |Trial MyPhone FREE| Convince you to try & use!

    Our coolest application on Nokia phone S60, MyPhone 4 is here! And from the Version 2.52 we know many people love it and give us good comments. Thanks for the supporting, We updated it to MyPhone 4 this time, with more powerful functions and fabulous interface. if you are a Nokia Phone S60 holder, why not try it at once? : )

    Change log in MyPhone 4:
    • Freshing water drops wallpaper & dock.
    • Activation Via OTA, for all the former MyPhone users or trial users now can input your IMEI into MMMOOO License Manager instantly by shopping seamlessly on mini mobile site via SECURITY Paypal method.


    1. Fully emulate MyPhone UI in out look, move icons, changes icons
    2. Slide to unlock
    3. Calendar list
    4. Translation* 
    5. Archery Game 
    6. M1 UI embedded, emulate the Android interface New!
    7. iXP UI embedded, emulate the Windows XP interface New! 
    8. WIN7 UI embedded, emulate the Windows7 interface New!
    9. iConsole UI embedded, emulate the Wii interface New!
    10. SMS and Call notifier
    11. iStyle SMS conversation, you can schedule the SMS with senders list, easily to read or delete SMS. (only for S60 5th os)
    12 Add 3rd part icon by pick through list, no needing self input anymore. (only for S60 5th os) (Java application cannot launched)
    13. Memo Deduction embedded.
    14. Memo Mosaic embedded. (only for S60 3rd os)
    15. Speed Dial. 
    16. Sketchpad (only for S60 5th os)
    17. Alternative List Mode (only for S60 5th os)
    18. Auto-lock (only for S60 5th os) 
    19. Set lock screen on/off by yourself.
    20. Support Landscape mode for iStyle SMS. (N97 & N97 mini only)
    21. Worldwide Weather 
    22. RSS Reader, with seamlessly reading data method 
    23. Customized wallpapers 
    24. MMMOOO Premium Service
    25. Fully functional, all operations can be done via MyPhone 
    26. You can switch MyPhone UI into S60 UI and the other way round seamlessly.

    *Translation function needs network connection. Make sure you have a data plan. 


    Speed Dial

    You can add an icon in MyPhone to call your friend in one touch.

    Memo Games

    The famous mini games, Memo Deduction and Memo Mosaic are now embedded in MyPhone.

    M1 M1

    Simulate Android interface on your Nokia.

    iXP iXP

    Simulate the classic Windows XP interface on your Nokia.

    WIN7 WIN7

    Simulate the Windows 7 interface on your Nokia.

    iConsole iConsole

    Simulate the most popular game console on your Nokia.

    Notifier on Messaging and Logs icons

    Unread messages and missed incoming calls all would be notified on the icon with numbers in the little red circle as the icon above shows.

     Standby Home Screen

    Since V2.03, MyPhone enables your home screen be an art and fresh window rather than multi-icons. You can choose from 8 pre-defined dedicated wallpapers, at the same time you can add your own motto words, sentence to be displayed on the animated homescreen.

    Support Touch Screen

    Touch MyPhone and feel MyPhone on 5800XM for the very first time. This make the MyPhone very very like iPhone, but with S60 core OS. S0 whatever iPhone can do, S60 can do! Exceeding iPhone is not only the slogan!

    World Wide Weather Forecast

    Weather information instantly updated from local authorities. Be a man that plans for the future activity!

     RSS Reader

    To subscibe the very news channels that really interest you and build up your own news media center! And MyPhone RSS Reader has very nice comments of it's easy, quick accessing, and comfortable these specifications.

    Tips & info:

    1. Use any of the 12 dial keys to quick launch the relative app on each page.
    2. You can Rearrange the icon by your preference. You can read our help pdf file for detail information.
    3. For some 3rd party applications, you can add it into menu by 'MyApp' function, or use 'Search' for quick launch, or switch back S60 UI to launch.
    4. This application is based on the Flash Lite platform, so it will go back to s60 app's UI with system's limitation when using a particular app.
    5. The preview images are in low resolution, and real UI images'quality is much better.
    6. In the MyPhone like SMS conversation model, your sending out sms can only in in real time sms progress, when you quit the conversation, your sending message will not display in the conversation list again. It means, MyPhone can not list your sent box's message in this version. The MyPhone like SMS conversation model can read all the incoming SMS, but can not mark it already read status. 

     The omniscience

     I know, I know, there are still many questions you may want to ask on this app, like what it is for, how it looks in actual operation, bla, bla, bla... Well, we for sure have prepared a nearly overall coverage of information for you to refer to. Just take and enjoy your time here.

    How to install:

    When installing to S60 3rd phones, you may have to revise as this: tools-> App.mgr.-> optional-> settings:software installation(all),online certif.check(off). This will help you to solve and skip the "security warning" pop-up.
    Our APP is a passive content, it's safety and security. And it has been proved and tested by sample phones.

    After installing file to your phone, there will be an icon on your phone's Installat. folder.

    Old models as Nokia E50, E60, E61, E62, E65, E70, N71, N72, N73, N75, N80, N91, N92, N93, 3250, 5500, and 5500 sport need to update to flash lite 2.1 player: Adobe mobile center


    Still have problems about this app? Leave your issue at our know bar at once and with no doubt. We are gonna reply to you with our professional and best solutions to it.