Travel Mate(旅行伴侣), a excellent app developed by MMMOOO has received a Second Prize in the competition held by Nokia China & China Mobile Market.

Travel Mate is aimed at helping people who are traveling abroad with a lot of necessary tools, such as map, location, translation etc. When you are traveling outside, Travel Mate is much like a helper more than a tool. It will help you to remember what you plan to do and keep you informed of exchange rate.

In a word, Travel Mate is absolutely a nice app that will help you a lot in your daily life.

Users Cases:

①Traveler mode  

In Traveler mode, it enhances you to talk to local people with your own language, Translator will recognise your voice and translate it into local speech, then talk to local people.  In return, local people can speak local language to Translator, and you will get your language speech or text.  

②Dictionary with web definition 

Detail dictionary in more than 30 languages by GoogleTranslate 

③Wiki Search & Wiki in Map 

Travel in a place, then you can easily use the wiki search to explore some detail in local. Even more you can see what arounds you in the map with Wiki database. 

④Conversation for Travel Abroad 

500+ frequent dialogues in 7 languages with search function. Each conversation with BIG ZOOM IN, speech, and some with 'read as', your travel just no boundary.

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