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    immmooo.com, as the international portal of MMMOOO.com, is very easy to recall. And 'i' also means that MMMOOO.com highly values your priority in experiencing our products & services. immmooo.com mainly

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    provides with mobile phone contents, applications and services for end-users.  Meanwhile, for enterprises, we also provide with solutions and services.

    MMMOOO.com is a leading site in providing wireless contents and services in China for end-users and enterprises. We provide platform with slogan of 'Enrich Your Mobility' by integration of News, Tips, Themes UI, Applications, Games, Ebooks, Screensaver, Video ringtone, Wallpaper, Sharing & Interactive with web 2.0 model through web/wap or offline portal such as memory card.

    In the MMMOOO.com sites matrix exists: MMMOOO.com, immmooo.com, Mthemes.com. For international users, just go immmooo.com for all of our services.

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