sites matrix and MMMOOO brand are hosted by Shanghai Jibiao Info Tech Co., Ltd., a company powered by a passionate and planed team. We have the eligible licence of ICP and SP(HU B2-20060048) in China.

We provide simple, steady and 'Enrich your mobility' products & service for the clients in the mobile phone and wireless industry. At the same time we empower our structure with system management and persistent team building. Through years of fast growing, we have gained much approbation from the magnanimity end-users, famous brand companies and the administration department.

We are the preferred partner of NOKIA for theme UI embeded service; we are the biggest provider of theme ui for the China Shanghai Mobile Telecom company; we distribute our products in more than 800 off-line stores/supermarkets of telecom products in China. Also, our products are always easily founded in the famous portals worldwide.

On the way of business purpose 'Enrich your mobility', we always stand to the principle of credit, innovation, passion; SINCERELY & EXECUTIVE! UNLIMITED! is our slogan of customer service; We want to impact and overturn the misleading trend of the internet and wireless add-value area. For example, we will never permit sexual or violent content presented in our site.

The team

It's us, mmmooo/move, the sites and the company that serves you! 

Our tags are: Passionate, Teamworking, Professional, Young but Experienced, Diverse, Heart-driven, Credit, First wave, Mobile, PC/PDA-Smartphone-Phone, Pocket, Hand, Wireless, MMMOOO, Jibiao and :)

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